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Stop Complaining and Act Now!

Electricity Bill Shock! Was this you? Receiving those first winter electricity bills and then wondering if you could get a second mortgage to cover it? Ok, so not a second mortgage - but it would certainly have left you scratching your head and spending nights on your Family Expenses household budget EXCEL Spreadsheet trying to find where … [Read More...]

GMC 91KW Heat Pump

Reducing commercial heating costs in winter

Save money on your commercial heating costs this winter with a Heat Pump system. Heat pumps are truly a good investment.  Being in South Africa, you have your choices as to which companies to purchase from but really, do you know what the benefits are to going with a commercial heat pump? When searching around, there are certain things you … [Read More...]


Brace yourself!

The Bad News! It's that time of the year again! No, not Christmas - it's the ESKOM increase! Came into effect from July 1, the average user will be paying around 7% more! So, if you average electricity bill is R1000-00 per month , you will be paying an extra R70 per month, or R840-00 per year. As usual , ESKOM has requested that you(we) the … [Read More...]


Naked! In the shower and saving energy, water and money?

How can you be enjoying a great shower and saving money, electricity and water at the same time? Simple. If you are using an energy saving shower head! Now you can get your energy saving shower head from Saving Energy. Just click the link below , check out the range and pick which one you want. Place your order and you're done! … [Read More...]

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Facts and Fiction – Separating truth and myth.

Eco-Warriors : The Battle for Earth


Trees – The Ultimate Eco Warrior

All Hail the Mighty Trees . In the second installment of Lord of the Rings , a great battle occurs as the trees of Fangorn Forest attack the Wizard Saruman's bastion of Isengard. Hurling massive … [Read More...]


Shame on us South Africa!

The Pollution Gloves are off! Reading an article published on March 25th , 2014 concerning the countries that emit the highest levels of CO2, I was astounded to see that South Africa ranks at no … [Read More...]

The Solar Features on Saving Energy – Proudly brought to you by Systems Automation & Management.

The Solar Features on Saving Energy – Proudly brought to you by Systems Automation & Management.

The Future of Solar Energy

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How Does it Work?


How do Wind Turbines Work?

You've seen them in images and videos from around the world..but how do these massive wind turbines actually generate electricity? The principle is the same as the wind mills of old , except that the windmills used the energy to crush corn or move … [Read More...]


How A Solar Water heating system works.

For many of us looking to save energy , especially on hot water...This short video shows exactly how this system works. In South Africa, we are fortunate to have year round sunshine ( well mostly) and this is certainly a viable option as part of a … [Read More...]


The LCD vs LED vs Plasma TV Question

One of the most common questions I was asked while I was the instore "specials" guy at Makro in Germiston was which TV is better...I am sure that many people still want to know the difference - so , here it is... … [Read More...]

New Ideas and Technology

Erica Buist with a thermos kettle

An Energy Saving Kettle – you bet!

The energy saving kettle. From the land where tea is the most important beverage and can solve problems from depression to world peace comes an innovation in energy saving.. Frankly , I am astounded no-one in the UK thought of this … [Read More...]

Global Warming – We ALL need to pay attention.


A Global Warning Part One.

This is the first in a series on global warming…I have decided to set this up so that we can become more informed , educated and empowered in our everyday lives to make decisions that positively affect our carbon footprint.


A Global Warning Part Three.

The final video in this series…I think that taking the timer to watch this and pass on this knowledge so that we, our family and our friends are inspired and motivated to do our part in the battle for Planet Earth.