When Load Shedding hits – don’t be left in the Dark. Emergency Lights now available from Saving Energy

When Load Shedding hits – don’t be left in the Dark. Emergency Lights now available from Saving Energy

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Power Factor Correction- The solution to reducing power wastage in your business.

What is power factor correction? Power factor correction is simply a way to make your use of electricity in your business more efficient. In other words using every kilowatt effectively to reduce your running costs. If you operate machinery like motors and other similar equipment, you may be using more power than you actually need , due to the inherent inefficiencies within those … [Read More...]


Is this the best water filter system ever?

Could this be the best water filter system? As with most things in this world, there are many options on products and services and water filters are no different. The trick here is to understand the various elements of these systems and more importantly , what benefits do they offer you and your family. Water is the element of Life for humans and pretty much most every other living organism on … [Read More...]


Please Sir, I want some more? NOW!

Nersa receives urgent request from ESKOM for 25,3% tariff hike. Yes folks, our esteemed 'blackout' specialists have URGENTLY approached NERSA to give them a 25,3 % electricity tariff increase from the 1st of July. Their reason? According to Eskom this is because it requires cost recovery of R32.9bn for Open-Cycle Gas Turbines and R19.9bn for the Short-Term Power Purchase … [Read More...]

Eskom Broken

By Saving Electricity – Could you end up paying even more?

Could the call to reduce power consumption lead to higher tariffs? In an article I wrote on this site a few days ago, I asked a very interesting question and that was," If we all save electricity as ESKOM is asking , would that ultimately lead to much higher prices?" At first glance , this would see a bit strange, if not ridiculous, but let's investigate this further. Where does ESKOM … [Read More...]


Another Smack in the Face from Eskom

ESKOM Price increase. Just a reminder, that on July 1 2015, you will be paying an extra 12,69% for your electricity. I know, not a great way to start a Monday, especially after the long weekend - but it's a reality check. This means that if you are now paying around R1000-00 a month for electricity , as of July 31 you will be paying R127-00 extra. Over the next year, that will mean R1524-00 … [Read More...]

Gold Coins

Double your Investment – In 8 Months.

Invest R2000-00 now and get R4000-00 in December. Now that's an investment offer I am DEFINITELY going to sign up for. I could use that money for a holiday for my family , or a new home theatre system or Christmas gifts for the family. Either way, it's going to be a GREAT Festive Season! I have decided to branch out from Saving Energy , to Saving Money and for the first 100 people that sign up … [Read More...]


2 years and 4 Million Kwh later – We have made a difference….

Back when we started... When we first started offering geyser timers in June of 2013 due to huge demand for them from the website , there was a lot of debate going on as to whether a geyser timer actually DID save electricity. Some believed that it was a good idea but didn't actually work , while others said the opposite. A research article from my friend Russell Brown , an independent … [Read More...]

Eco Warriors


Saving Energy Donates R1500-00 to Food & Trees for Africa

Eco Warriors donate R1500   The Eco Warriors initiative has seen it’s first donation to Food & Trees for Africa. This morning, June 18th , Saving Energy made our first donation to Food & Trees for Africa for an amount of R1500-00! This was collected from the installations done from around the last week in […]

CO2 pollution in Zhengzhou, Henan, China : coastal provinces outsource greenhouse gas emissions

CO2 Levels reach record 400 Parts Per Million

‘Time Running Out’ To Stop Rising CO2 Levels As Average Hits New High By Newsroom America Staff at 7:31 am Eastern (Newsroom America) — Concentrations of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere have crossed a new threshold, the World Meteorological Organization (WMO) said, warning that time is running out to curb rising greenhouse gas emissions. In April, monthly concentrations […]


Trees – The Ultimate Eco Warrior

All Hail the Mighty Trees . In the second installment of Lord of the Rings , a great battle occurs as the trees of Fangorn Forest attack the Wizard Saruman’s bastion of Isengard. Hurling massive boulders,stomping on their Orc enemies with fearsome force and finally releasing the river to destroy the industry of war that […]


Shame on us South Africa!

The Pollution Gloves are off! Reading an article published on March 25th , 2014 concerning the countries that emit the highest levels of CO2, I was astounded to see that South Africa ranks at no 13! We spill more than 460 Million tons of Co2 into our atmosphere every year! Plus, we are the largest […]

Facts and Fiction


Saving Energy’s MD puts Energy Saving Shower Heads to the test!

Energy & Water Saving Shower Heads – Do they work? The simple answer is “Oh yes.” Earlier this week, I collected my energy & water saving shower head from my local Postnet. Clare Anderton from Oxygenics in Cape Town had sent me one to test (and keep) so that I could see for myself if […]

Geyser Timer

Do Geyser timers really work? The Answer At Last!

Geyser timers do Save Energy. There has been much ado about whether geyser timers actually work effectively to save your energy. Russell Brown , an independent energy consultant published this feature below on the Full Circle Mag site and has finally put the speculation to rest. This is an excerpt from the article and also […]

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How does it Work?


How do Wind Turbines Work?

You’ve seen them in images and videos from around the world..but how do these massive wind turbines actually generate electricity? The principle is the same as the wind mills of old , except that the windmills used the energy to crush corn or move water for irrigation.


How A Solar Water heating system works.

For many of us looking to save energy , especially on hot water…This short video shows exactly how this system works. In South Africa, we are fortunate to have year round sunshine ( well mostly) and this is certainly a viable option as part of a long term energy saving strategy.


eCube – Energy Savings in Commercial Refrigeration

If you own a business that has refrigeration as an integral part of every day operations , like a supermarket , restaurant , coffee shop , cold storage , butchery, dairy etc, then you need to find a safe and effective way to cut your refrigeration running costs. This simple device called an E CUBE […]


The LCD vs LED vs Plasma TV Question

One of the most common questions I was asked while I was the instore “specials” guy at Makro in Germiston was which TV is better…I am sure that many people still want to know the difference – so , here it is…

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Fire Testing Recycled PET Insulation.

I have put this post up as the previous one on Fire Testing Insulation Materials did not have Recycled PET included in that video. Recycled PET is fast becoming a popular material for geyser blankets and for insulation due to its very high R Rating.. The good news is that it is not flammable!   […]


Insulation Fire Test- A must watch!

As we search for ways to become more energy efficient, one of the key elements is making sure we can keep the heat (Or coolth) in the space , once we have generated it! However, one aspect of insulation that is seldom considered and should be the FIRST one considered is this: HOW WILL YOUR […]

Aerogel_hand (1)

Aerogel – The best insulation on the planet!

Aerogel – The World’s most amazing substance. It looks like frozen smoke. And it’s the lightest solid material on the planet. Aerogel insulates space suits, makes tennis rackets stronger and could be used one day to clean up oil spills. Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory scientist Alex Gash shows us some remarkable properties of this truly […]

New Ideas


New SolarWindow™ Technology Introduction Video – New Energy Technologies

New Energy Technologies, Inc. is developing SolarWindow™ technology, a first-of-its-kind, see through technology capable of generating electricity on glass windows and flexible plastic. Utilizing organic photovoltaics (OPVs), SolarWindow™ technology harvests natural and artificial light energy, converting it to useable electricity. SolarWindow™ has the capacity to turn ordinary glass windows in America’s 5 million skyscrapers and […]


Charge your personal mobile gadgets using Solar Power!

Cam checks out an awesome 2200mAh battery pack that works with virtually any device on the planet and can charge using the sun’s rays. So , you are going camping, sailing , climbing, biking or just away to the great outdoors for a few days…going to need a really long extension cable to charge all […]

Erica Buist with a thermos kettle

An Energy Saving Kettle – you bet!

The energy saving kettle. From the land where tea is the most important beverage and can solve problems from depression to world peace comes an innovation in energy saving.. Frankly , I am astounded no-one in the UK thought of this before. It’s called Vacuum Kettle and it really does work! If you think about […]


This Solar tent made it’s debut at The Glastonbury Festival.

If you are into camping and technology – while it’s fun , sometimes the two are mutually exclusive. If you phone battery runs flat – you are going to need a very long extenstion cable! But now , there’s something new that let’s you camp out and have electricity when you need it…It’s called A […]



Economic Led NanoLight – The world’s most energy efficient lightbulb!

A new LED lightbulb that is the most energy efficient on the planet. The NanoLight takes energy efficient lighting to the next level. NanoLight — the world’s most Energy Efficient Light Bulb Why use any old lightbulb when there’s the NanoLight! Using only 12 watts of electricity, the NanoLight generates over 1600 lumens, equivalent to […]


LED vs CFL Bulbs

So , this one answers the question of LED VS CFL lamps? Many of you ask that very question when looking at saving energy options for your lighting…This video is a must..