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You’re going to pay more…

THE National Energy Regulator of SA (Nersa) has given Eskom greater leeway to run its open cycle gas turbines (OCGT) for longer periods, which will help ease the utility’s dire financial position but will lead to higher prices for consumers next year. Last year, Nersa approved the clawback of R7.8bn for the 2013-14 year, which resulted in 5% being added to the 8% tariff for this year. It is uncertain what the tariff will be in 2016-17. So , in April of 2015, your price of electricity will rise by 13% - expectations are that the tariffs may rise as much as 20% in 2016 ..   Have a look at the price table and see what these tariff rate increases REALLY mean for us. With the likely outcome … [Read More...]


It’s all about Saving Energy in 2015!

New and Exciting Prospects for the year ahead. Happy New Year everyone! Well, I am not so sure that it will be happy , considering the current state of our electricity supply in South Africa. Having said that , there are some exciting developments happening in 2015 - in fact one that has already happened! The Saving Energy Store. The easiest way to find prices and book your geyser timer installations. Over the past 18 months or so , anyone looking to find out about a price for geyser timer and geyser blankets had to do it the 'old fashioned way '  by filling in a form and then waiting for me to respond with a price. While I was pretty fast with our responses ( faster on the draw than an Old West … [Read More...]


It’s time to go Solar

It's time to Solar, Baby! Unless you have been on another planet for the last few weeks , or in another country that doesn't have ESKOM as it's electricity supplier , you probably have experienced a round or two of load shedding. In the "dura-math" (that's the current version of an aftermath) , ESKOM are pretty much asking EVERYONE to please use less power wherever and whenever possible. As well as their big mines and other heavy industry clients, ESKOM are also directing those pleas at us, the household consumer. We, here are 5 great reasons to Solar right now. REASON 1 - it's going to get more expensive as times goes by : As the energy crisis deepens in South Africa and across the world, demand … [Read More...]

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Facts and Fiction – Separating truth and myth.

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More about Insulation


Fire Testing Recycled PET Insulation.

I have put this post up as the previous one on Fire Testing Insulation Materials did not have Recycled PET included in that video. Recycled PET is fast becoming a popular material for geyser blankets and for insulation due to its very high R … [Read More...]


Insulation Fire Test- A must watch!

As we search for ways to become more energy efficient, one of the key elements is making sure we can keep the heat (Or coolth) in the space , once we have generated it! However, one aspect of insulation that is seldom considered and should be the … [Read More...]

Aerogel_hand (1)

Aerogel – The best insulation on the planet!

Aerogel - The World's most amazing substance. It looks like frozen smoke. And it's the lightest solid material on the planet. Aerogel insulates space suits, makes tennis rackets stronger and could be used one day to clean up oil spills. Lawrence … [Read More...]

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Let there be light…


LED vs CFL Bulbs

So , this one answers the question of LED VS CFL lamps? Many of you ask that very question when looking at saving energy … [Read More...]

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