This incredible series of films will have you re-evaluating everything you believe about Nature , the Oceans,Water, The Soil and the Trees and Rain Forest. Everyone on this Planet needs to sit and watch these films today.

A Saving Energy Special Feature


This new and amazing series features Hollywood A List stars like Harrison Ford, Juila Roberts, Kevin Spacey , Edward Norton and Penelope Cruz. The films, by Conservation International are deeply thought provoking and should be watched by everyone who lives on Planet Earth.


Julia Roberts is the Voice of Mother Nature – listen carefully, take note and pay attention. What she has to say affects every single one of us.


Voiced by Kevin Spacey,listen to what the Rain Forest has to say.


Water is the source of all Life and yet, we humans take it for granted. Penelope Cruz is the Voice of Water – WE REALLY, REALLY need to listen and hear this.


The redwoods are some of the oldest and mightiest trees on Earth. Listen to the wisdom with the voice of Robert Redford.



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Summer is here - time to save more energy With 6 weeks of spring to go until summer of 2015 , we are all thinking about the beach , holidays and the festive season. The one thing we should all be thinking about is saving even more electricity and water in Summer. With electricity prices increasing next year by almost 13% , we as consumers … [Read More...]


Oxygenics vs Conventional shower heads

Demonstration of water savings when using an Oxygenics shower head. Oxygenics Shower Heads save water and money This simple device that is easily fitted to conventional showers can save you around 70% on your normal shower usage. The video clearly shows that while the feeling of the water pressure is similar , the technology in using air to … [Read More...]


Water, wasted water…

"Water ,Water Everywhere and Ne'er a Drop to Drink." The line from the "Rime of the Ancient Mariner" may have some resonance with our modern situation. In light of the past water disaster that Gauteng faced, the reality of fresh water supply hit uncomfortably close to home. For the longest time, we had perhaps taken that instant gush of … [Read More...]


Electricity prices set to rise between 10% and 13% in 2015!

NERSA approves ESKOM Clawback. As you know , ESKOM was granted permission by NERSA some years ago for an 8% year on year electricity tariff hike, this so that ESKOM could generate income for repairs , maintenance and upgrades. We have all felt this bite so far - but there is more bad news on the horizon. At the end of July 2014, ESKOM was … [Read More...]

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