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Created in 2012 as an information site for energy saving, we are continuously expanding our content for you to give you the power to make informed choices about the best energy saving options for your home and business.
In July of 2013, we started our geyser timer installation service as a response to the large amount of requests for this service. Today , we offer this around all the major centres including Johannesburg , Pretoria, Centurion, Cape Town and Durban.
We have also recently launched our geyser blanket installation service as well and you can find all of our services and offers on the right hand side of this web page.
With a vast array of information on different options to save energy and money, you can take your time and browse the site.

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Feel free to contact us with any enquiries , or use our very competitively priced services to help cut your costs on electricity.

We have specialists in Solar Geysers, Insulation as well as geyser timer and geyser blanket specialists.

Welcome and enjoy.

Craig Berman
MD, Saving Energy.

The Future of Solar Energy

The Solar Features on Saving Energy – Proudly brought to you by Systems Automation & Management.

The Solar Features on Saving Energy – Proudly brought to you by Systems Automation & Management.

Featured Stories

KW Vampire

The Kilowatt Hour and your Energy Vampires

Watt is a Kilowatt? For many of us not technically inclined , the mere mention of the Kilowatt hour or kWh, sends shivers down our spines..What is this thing?How does it work and why does it cost so much? Relax. Take a deep breath....Good. And another one...ok. The kilowatt hour is a … [Read More...]


GLOBAL WARMING Narrated by Leonardo DiCaprio

At Saving Energy , we talk about ways that you can cut your energy usage, become more energy efficient and reduce your carbon footprint. In all of this , we need to ensure that we stay focused on WHY Saving Energy was created in the first place... You see , there is this 'thing' called Global … [Read More...]


Solar Thermal Energy: Harnessing the Power of the Sun

The video shows the use of solar thermal energy for heating in Europe. Examples from Denmark and Spain show the use in different climates. Interviews with users and manufacturers give a good overview of this clean energy technology. With South Africa's enormous annual quantity of  sunshine , this … [Read More...]


Saving Energy Featured on eNCA News

I was asked by ENews to do a short interview with them on a feature they were doing...Here it is...although the interview itself was about 5 minutes, the actual broadcast time was only about 15 seconds...Oh well, there's my 15 seconds... What is interesting about this feature is that while it is … [Read More...]

How Does it Work?


How do Wind Turbines Work?

You’ve seen them in images and videos from around the world..but how do these massive wind turbines actually generate electricity? The principle is the same […]

Facts and Fiction – Separating truth and myth.

Geyser Timer

Do Geyser timers really work? The Answer At Last!

Geyser timers do Save Energy. There has been much ado about whether geyser timers actually work effectively to save your energy. Russell Brown , an independent energy consultant published this feature below on the Full Circle Mag site and has finally put the speculation to rest. This is an excerpt from the article and also addresses the geyser controller aspect. What is a geyser … [Read More...]

New Ideas and Technology


The Value of Energy Efficiency

James Brew discusses how small changes to your house can make huge changes in our environment. An interesting , humorous and poignant look at energy efficiency intermingled with a serious and necessary reality check. While many people banter on about energy efficiency, James Brew's talk at TEDx … [Read More...]

Global Warming – We ALL need to pay attention.


A Global Warning Part One.

This is the first in a series on global warming…I have decided to set this up so that we can become more informed , educated and empowered in our everyday lives to make decisions that positively affect our carbon footprint.


A Global Warning Part Three.

The final video in this series…I think that taking the timer to watch this and pass on this knowledge so that we, our family and our friends are inspired and motivated to do our part in the battle for Planet Earth.