You’re going to pay more…

THE National Energy Regulator of SA (Nersa) has given Eskom greater leeway to run its open cycle gas turbines (OCGT) for longer periods, which will help ease the utility’s dire financial position but will lead to higher prices for consumers next year. Last year, Nersa approved the clawback of … [Read More...]


It’s all about Saving Energy in 2015!

New and Exciting Prospects for the year ahead. Happy New Year everyone! Well, I am not so sure that it will be happy , considering the current state of our electricity supply in South Africa. Having said that , there are some exciting developments happening in 2015 - in fact one that has already … [Read More...]


Fire Testing Recycled PET Insulation.

I have put this post up as the previous one on Fire Testing Insulation Materials did not have Recycled PET included in that video. Recycled PET is fast becoming a popular material for geyser blankets and for insulation due to its very high R Rating.. The good news is that it is not flammable! … [Read More...]


Insulation Fire Test- A must watch!

As we search for ways to become more energy efficient, one of the key elements is making sure we can keep the heat (Or coolth) in the space , once we have generated it! However, one aspect of insulation that is seldom considered and should be the FIRST one considered is this: HOW WILL YOUR … [Read More...]


It’s time to go Solar

It's time to Solar, Baby! Unless you have been on another planet for the last few weeks , or in another country that doesn't have ESKOM as it's electricity supplier , you probably have experienced a round or two of load shedding. In the "dura-math" (that's the current version of an aftermath) , … [Read More...]


The Jasper Solar Project – Online and Operational

SA Goes Solar It's finally happened and about time too! Using the power of the sun, the Japer Solar Park is officially online! Using a vast array of Photovoltaic panels to generate electricity, this project is a huge step forward for our country in moving to clean renewable … [Read More...]

Aerogel_hand (1)

Aerogel – The best insulation on the planet!

Aerogel - The World's most amazing substance. It looks like frozen smoke. And it's the lightest solid material on the planet. Aerogel insulates space suits, makes tennis rackets stronger and could be used one day to clean up oil spills. Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory scientist Alex Gash … [Read More...]

Facts and Fiction

Geyser Timer

Do Geyser timers really work? The Answer At Last!

Geyser timers do Save Energy. There has been much ado about whether geyser timers actually work effectively to save your energy. Russell Brown , an independent energy consultant published this feature below on the Full Circle Mag site and has finally put the speculation to rest. This is an … [Read More...]

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How does it Work?


How do Wind Turbines Work?

You've seen them in images and videos from around the world..but how do these massive wind turbines actually generate electricity? The principle is the same as the wind mills of old , except that the windmills used the energy to crush corn or move water for irrigation. … [Read More...]


How A Solar Water heating system works.

For many of us looking to save energy , especially on hot water...This short video shows exactly how this system works. In South Africa, we are fortunate to have year round sunshine ( well mostly) and this is certainly a viable option as part of a long term energy saving strategy. … [Read More...]


eCube – Energy Savings in Commercial Refrigeration

If you own a business that has refrigeration as an integral part of every day operations , like a supermarket , restaurant , coffee shop , cold storage , butchery, dairy etc, then you need to find a safe and effective way to cut your refrigeration running costs. This simple device called an E CUBE … [Read More...]


The LCD vs LED vs Plasma TV Question

One of the most common questions I was asked while I was the instore "specials" guy at Makro in Germiston was which TV is better...I am sure that many people still want to know the difference - so , here it is... … [Read More...]

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The Friday Funnies


A Brief History of the 5-cent Bag Tax

Jack Green, head of the Department of the Environment, is on a mission to rid the city of its plastic bag scourge. It's the Friday Funnies! Happy Friday! Perhaps this is the core idea behind the "pay for plastic bags" at Supermarkets? … [Read More...]

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